A campaign to acquire 160 acres for a community forest, within a mile of Sandpoint and Dover. Learn more »


Understanding the connection between our health and the outdoors is some of the most important work we can do. Our connection with nature is fundamental to our shared humanity, and our future. Learn more »


This Spring something special happened in Heron Montana. Thirty students from Clark Fork Jr./Sr. High School were touched by nature. Read more »


Because of our KLT community support we are able to bring Outdoor Education programs to Bonner County schools. Learn more about these fun educational programs here Find out more »
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Connecting our communities to the outdoors
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What We Do


Photo: Fiona Hicks Photography

Kaniksu Land Trust is a not-for-profit organization that promotes healthy lands and healthy communities with the understanding that the two are inextricably linked. We facilitate voluntary land conservation by working with landowners to keep priceless lands intact. We also engage our community with land in order to overcome challenges related to health and education, and to encourage an ethic of longterm stewardship. By investing in Kaniksu Land Trust, you are helping to create abundant and restorative communities in north Idaho and northwest Montana. Thank You!

KLT programs include:






  • WALK7B


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What's Going On

  • Pine Street Woods…Home of Sasquatch? » Pine Street Woods…Home of Sasquatch? CLICK TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO NOW! Pine Street Woods is a 160 acre scenic property located just minutes from Sandpoint and Dover city centers. For more information please contact us at 208.263.9471
  • Baby Wood Ducks »

     The flight of the baby Wood Duck Among the most colorful waterfowl in North America Wood ducks are unique to North America and found nowhere else in the world HISTORY In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the wood duck populations … Read More »

  • “BEES BEES” »

     I recently took up beekeeping for the first time…I received my package of bees and installed them in their new hive and started observing them daily. The energy of the hive is amazing to watch, so many individuals but all … Read More »

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Getting our Community


  • KLT is trying something new: proving the relevance of nature and conservation to the broader community by creating authentic opportunities to connect with the land. Nature is a powerful force for change, be it community health and wellness, education, or a long list of other hurdles.

    By applying a community-driven model to its conservation work, KLT is able to address community challenges while encouraging a strong conservation ethic. Join us to support healthy, vibrant communities in north Idaho and northwest Montana, while ensuring the viability of our shared landscape into the future.