Land Donation

By far the most common method of land conservation used by KLT is a conservation easement. However, we are also set up to acquire land outright. A gift of land can be the right option for someone who is no longer able to manage his or her land, has no plans for transferring it to another individual, does not want to sell it to someone for development, and wants to make sure the property stays in its natural condition. KLT is set up to hold, preserve and manage the land.

In some instances, KLT can access funding to purchase land. If it is a donation, the donor may qualify for income tax benefits.

Other land gifting options exist whereby the landowner can live out the rest of his or her life on the property, but it then transfers to the land trust as part of the estate. For more information, visit our Planned Giving Options Page.

KLT also accepts gifts of real estate or other property for fundraising purposes. In this case we would sell the property and use the proceeds to further KLT’s mission. For more information on making a gift of real estate or other property for fundraising, please see our Non-Cash Giving Options Page.