Cami Murray, Outreach & Development Coordinator

Cami is a proud native of Sandpoint, Idaho, having grown up enjoying all of the amazing experiences our local outdoors has to offer. After graduating from Sandpoint High, she spent time living in Walla Walla, Athens, Greece, and New York City, but found that what she missed the most was having easy access to pristine wilderness. In 2013, she moved back to the area and quickly discovered the mental and physical health benefits of time outdoors.

 She can attest to the fact that spending time outside gives you a deep appreciation of nature, and is committed to helping others understand the importance of our wild spaces. Cami works primarily in community outreach, managing the ParkRx program, which works with local medical offices to prescribe time in the outdoors; and the Outside 7B program, designed to get people of all ages outside, but especially focusing on fostering a connection to nature in children. Cami also works with many of our non-profit partners to ensure that our work touches as many people as possible.
With a background in non-profit work and education, Cami is highly qualified and extremely excited to work with our local population to foster a love of outside activities in people of all ages.