Judy Hutchins, Member

Judy moved to Heron, Mont., as a teenager in 1973 and has called Montana home ever since. Raised on a pig farm in western Colorado, she attended high school in NYC. After two years in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan, Judy headed back west and transferred to another U of M, in Missoula. She received a BS in Wildlife Biology and a major in Botany. For 5 years she worked as a seasonal for the USFS in Trout Creek, cruising timber and working in TSI and Regeneration Backlog.

Through the years Judy became involved in natural resource management issues and began participating in non profit groups questioning proposed mines under the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and reviewing public and private lands developments.

Real estate investment and management were a natural progression. Of special interest are properties with outstanding natural resource characteristics. Conservation easements are a logical tool for protecting wonderful properties, and Judy has completed 5 and has her eye on more.