Suzanne Tugman, Director of Community Outreach

Suzanne and her husband Rod moved to Sandpoint 19 years ago with their three young children to build their life in the vast beauty of this region. Suzanne is an avid reader of books that appease her curious nature and hopes to finish her Masters Degree by the end of 2018. When not at work or reading books Suzanne enjoys snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter months and swimming in the lake, cycling up Schweitzer or kicking back on one of her horses during the warm days of summer.

Suzanne’s professional background includes developing strategic templates for the execution of small business strategies, large event management, community engagement and health coaching.

Suzanne has numerous years of experience in communicating company objectives through public speaking, print and social media and targeted fundraising events. Additionally, she has built volunteer bases at the local level though her work with Wild Oats in Golden, Colorado and with Grace Awakening and Community Cancer Services here in Sandpoint. At the national level Suzanne not only developed a comprehensive volunteer program with individuals across the globe during the 1993 United States Papal Visit, she also created a sustainable volunteer base to support the exhaustive Bradshaw national event series.

In addition to Suzanne’s strong team-building, creative fundraising and event management skills, she is passionate about the idea of building  “radical collaborative” community initiatives that solve challenges in our region’s communities.