What is ParkRx?

ParkRx is a program designed to help you get outside, get moving and start improving your health!

“Researchers are increasingly discovering what weekend hikers and lunchtime park-walkers intrinsically understand: spending time in nature is restorative and calming, of benefit to both our physical and mental well being”.

Years of studies have now confirmed what has always been common sense, getting outside for a walk, hike or even just to sit on a bench has a measurable positive impact on mental and physical health. The ParkRx program is designed to help you get the benefits of time in nature.

ParkRx is a run in partnership with local health practitioners. The next time you visit your doctor, ask them about receiving a ParkRx- they will help you decide where, what and how much time outside to begin to introducing as part of a healthy lifestyle. This page includes helpful information once you have a prescription, including how to get the greatest benefits from your time in nature as well as information about local parks and walking trails.

ParkRx for Bonner County, Idaho residents offers independent walking maps, group walks and outside programming for youth 6-18 years of age.

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Walking With Your Dog

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Walking Trail Information

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