A Place Like No Other

snowy field with mountains in background

Bev and Jay Hanson first moved to Thompson Falls, Montana well over a half century ago.  After spending time away for work, they returned and slowly built their rural farmstead on the edge of town.  As the area grew, they saw the potential for their land to become wall-to-wall houses, and began to wonder about an alternative.  “It’s always nice to have some open space,” says Jay. “People need a place to live, but if you can hold back just a little, it makes it better for everyone.”

Now, thanks to your support, that’s exactly what Jay and Bev have done.  The Hansons’ new conservation agreement allows for the land to continue being used for farming, growing timber, and fostering habitat for wildlife.  But it is protected as open space long after they have “tipped over,” as Jay put it.

As with all land conserved with Kaniksu Land Trust by a conservation agreement, the Hansons continue to own and manage the land, and are free to sell, gift, or lease it to others.  The land remains on the tax rolls.

Bev and Jay now benefit from knowing that when their time is up, their property will not be chopped up by development.  Instead, the 90-acre farmstead will remain intact, along with the residence and associated barns and outbuildings, for the enjoyment of future generations and area wildlife.  “This is one thing I can do,” remarks Jay.