Walking Off Weight

woman on stairs with big black dog

Perhaps you are wondering what baking and eating cookies have to do with trails and open space in Bonner County.

GOOD question!

This blog aims to address the connection between an increase in my health since joining the Walk7B group last Spring as well as encourage our readers to continue to enjoy the bounty in your lives as there is so very much we can appreciate if we can find our way to a healthy balance.

Before joining Walk7B I spent limited time in the outdoors walking my 150 lb newfoundland at the U of I property in north Sandpoint. I am not a runner, nor do I jog, diet or go to the gym. I love baking and I enjoy taste testing my cookies and cakes to ensure they are up to snuff for my friends and neighbors, but as you can guess, there is a downside to eating all those treats especially during the holiday season.

When I was asked to write this blog for post-holiday, I asked myself what I could contribute to enhancing the lives of people I may never meet. But, I am learning that I am just like many others in our community who struggle with weight and health issues.

During the summer and fall of 2016, I had lost 60 pounds just by walking…unfortunately, I’ve gained 15 of those pounds back with my holiday baking as my craving for Christmas sweets can get a little out of hand if you know what I mean. But, I guess it is part of my nature to enjoy the holiday sweets that come from my hours of baking. Do I consider myself a failure? Perhaps…but, unlike many times in the past when I’ve started to gain weight, this time I realize that I am gaining weight and I can feel the effects it has on my physical and mental health.

I am currently struggling to curb my cravings and reduce my sugar intake…It is very challenging!  But I want to stop the scale from creeping up-and I want to take back my control. It isn’t easy for me, but it is important. The one difference this year is my continued involvement with the Walk7B walking group that provides me endless support as well as nutritional guidance which gives me encouragement to keep showing up regardless of what the scale says.

Getting involved with Walk7B isn’t just about walking. It is also about forming new friendships, increasing physical activity and having fun while adventuring out into our communities beautiful trail and park systems. I had no idea how many miles of trails there were in our backyard nor did I realize just how important these parks and trails are to all of us who need to move to increase our health. When I first started walking I was only walking during my evening class and I did not really pay attention to the beauty around me but as I began to regain my health not only did I start walking more often with my group I also started adventuring out to explore more scenic trails with my dog and I even started walking my friend’s dog a couple of times a week.

So, if you are like me and you find it tempting to hibernate during the cold months of winter and if you are still feeling the effects of the sweets from the holiday season, why not join one of our walking groups? If you join us, you can walk at your own pace with others who are doing the very same thing and you will meet new and interesting people and have a good time doing it. Please come and join us-take the first step.

To find out more about the WALK7B ParkRx program in Bonner County click here. If you would like to join a walking group please click here or call Sandpoint Parks and Rec @ 208.263.3371.