New Year’s Resolution in February?

woman on stairs with big black dog

New Year’s Resolutions in February?

Well, I am one of the many people who have firm resolve after New Year’s Day. For me, my annual New Year’s Resolutions include: losing weight, getting more active, and eating healthier.

Sound familiar?

Then, I read an article about the effectiveness of New Year’s Resolutions, and how most of the time they fade as a month or two passes. This was all the further I read the article, because, after all, that is true, so, why put myself through this process?

It is now almost February and I feel uncomfortable about not trying to lose weight, get more active and eating healthier and my scale is edging upward. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided to try something new. I did a joint Valentine’s Day Resolution list with my husband, Garrick.

What better time of year to commit to a loved one or friend(s) to make choices that will help each other live longer and healthier? We both sat down and talked about where we are from a health perspective and how we can help each other with the areas that we struggle: food and exercise.

My husband and I are actually talking about what food choices we want to make for the week and working on a joint grocery list, which will be my task to “stick to”. It isn’t easy to get my husband to sit down and discuss food choices, especially a week in advance, but the fact that we are taking this first step is huge.

The second area, exercise is one that should come easily to us, however, with the snow, ice and horrible walking conditions our normal walking routine has been an issue. I have been active in the Walking Group through Sandpoint’s Park and Recreation Department and unfortunately, due to funding issues and weather conditions, the walking group was canceled for the month of January. Starting in February, I offered to lead a group of walkers every Wednesday, from 11:00 am to Noon at the Columbia Bank Building in Sandpoint. This is a commitment and a start to get active again for the remaining winter months! If you feel like getting out of the house, meeting new people and walking at your own pace… please come into town and join us! It is always fun to meet new people and share in a healthy lifestyle activity.

Finally, something my husband and I both decided to do is WALK AND PLAY with Portia, our 151 pound Newfoundland. She loves one good exercise romp per day and even though I arrange playdates and take her on walks, we need to concentrate on a daily schedule. We are going to work on taking her out daily and sharing her walks and playtimes. She loves it and to see her happy is heartwarming.

With the mention of “heartwarming”, it brought me back to Valentine’s Day…. My husband and I want to share many more and Valentine’s Days and be able to enjoy them. This joint Valentine’s Day Resolution effort is our way of saying “I Love You”. Instead of saying it with chocolate and flowers, we are saying it with healthy menu choices and exercise and maybe a few Dove Chocolate Hearts… We wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.