Scavenger Hunt on Snowshoes

group of people snowshoeing in front of stand of birch trees

When OUTSIDE7B offered Bonner County families the chance to get on snowshoes for the first time and navigate the deep snow on 80 acres at the University of Idaho land in Sandpoint Idaho…the response was exciting. With the support from Lake Ponderay High School and our local thrift store Bizarre Bizarre we were able to provide warm clothing and snowshoes for all participants to enjoy the Scavenger hunt. The experience left many of us in awe as we witnessed families moving from  “first time jitters” to joy and an eagerness to do more outside activities.

Did you know that when children have “…contact with the natural world…it has a powerful, measurable effect on a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development and health.” (Tuddenham 2014). Additional research has found that when children engage in nature they have improved attention, an increase in resilience towards stress and show greater imagination and creativity and their motor, communication and decision-making skills.

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