One Special Story: Lester Krause

children running through a meadow black and white

When Lester Krause moved with his family to Sandpoint in the 1930s, the landscape looked much different. But this child’s penchant for connecting with fresh air and dirt was just as strong as it is for the youth of today.

Lester’s earliest memories are of frolicking in the forest through the endless days of summer, and of sitting in his grandmother’s lap on the front porch of his family home as she spun tales of days gone by.

This is how Lester forged a connection to the land that runs so deep. Eighty years later, he recalls these memories as vividly as if they were yesterday.

Even though he moved away years ago, this is the place to which his mind most often wanders. As a scrappy kid from the city, Lester never imagined that in his golden years he would go to great lengths to preserve a forested parcel in rural North Idaho. But that is exactly what he has done.

Lester’s gift of his family’s 20-acre parcel to Kaniksu Land Trust is a means of furthering his dream that future generations have the same opportunity to connect with the land, and with one another, that he did. Because the land is adjacent to Pine Street Woods, it also increases the size of the future community forest from 160 acres to 180. He has ensured that the legacy begun by his grandparents will live on in perpetuity. Such is KLT’s commitment: permanence in our conservation work, and permanence in our dedication to the communities that we serve.

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