Winter/Spring 2018 WildCrafting

group of children construct wooden toolboxes

The idea for a WildCrafting club began when I started working with some teenagers and experienced how few of them had ever handled any tools or spent time in creating things with natural materials. I followed my instincts believing that an experience of regularly learning and being trusted with the use of tools would be good for kids of all ages. I have watched kids’ self-confidence bloom as their abilities blossomed and pride in their work soared. A mom told me the other day that the class was part of her son’s therapy in dealing with the loss of a sibling and that she was so grateful for the enthusiasm he was showing in his life.

Winter and Spring Wildcrafting is finally here. Classes are limited

Call or come by the KLT office soon to secure your child’s spot.

Click the link to download a registration form: WILDCRAFTING2018 (1).compressed