Blasko Conservation Project

heard of cows in a meadow with trees in the background

After tending the land alongside her late husband, Barney, for more than half a century, Lois Blasko permanently protected her 350-acre Pack River farm in 2017. A haven for elk, deer, moose and turkeys, the property protects 2 miles of Pack River frontage and is important habitat for migrating trout. Now it will also contribute to the legacy of farming and ranching in our region by ensuring that the farmers of tomorrow have a place to tend their crops and stock.

The farm’s size, important agricultural soils, and extensive frontage along the Pack River and other streams made it particularly important to protect. As development creeps in from increasing growth, this property will help to retain the agricultural values and scenic views that continue to attract new residents.

“Fifty years from now… this land will continue to be available.” Lois Blasko, landowner

By granting this easement, Lois has joined the ranks of other conservation-minded producers in the region who have protected their lands for the future. We applaud her decades-long stewardship of the land, and her efforts to ensure that it endures.