Hanson Ranch

two older people, in front of a fence with snowy background

Jay and Bev Hanson have spent most of their adult life in Thompson Falls, Montana.  They’ve seen lots of folks come and go.  This change they expected.  What they did not expect was the change to the landscape.  The best views, the best habitat, the best farmland has repeatedly been subdivided and built up.  While Jay and Bev don’t mind new houses being built (after all, everyone needs a place to live) they just felt that some of Thompson Falls should be left alone.  “If we can all hold back just a little, it makes it better for everyone,” remarked Jay.


So they acted.  They volunarily agreed to permanently restrict development on their ranch.  Now their property, which is home to hay fields, turkeys, elk and deer, will remain as it has been, forever.  The land remains private.  Jay and Bev still manage and farm the land.  They still pay taxes on it.  But they know that they have done their part to preserve the rural character of Thompson Falls for generations to come.