Cabinet View Nature Area

view of perfectly still pond, with trees reflected

Something wonderful has happened near Clark Fork, Idaho. KLT has purchased 75 acres of wetlands and forest, home to moose, elk, songbirds, and squirrels. This land will provide an important home for wildlife, as well as for KLT’s blossoming education programs. It is a space for children to gather to learn about the wetlands and woods, and to care for trees and trails. It’s also a place for community members to enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods or soak up the views.

Located along River Road between Clark Fork and Heron, this land comprises KLT’s first public preserve. It was purchased with generous funding from the Clark Fork Settlement Agreement and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and is affectionately known as “Judy’s Place” in honor of the longtime owner who carefully preserved the land because of its habitat value and scenic beauty. We look forward to welcoming you to future outings at this special spot.