Ross Conservation Project

view of snowy mountains and open meadow

The Ross family first discovered Montana’s rural Bull River Valley in 1972 during a cross county road-trip, a reprieve from their New York City lives. Upon encountering the solitude and beauty of the Bull, they pulled up stakes in NY, and never looked back. The young family carved out a life for themselves amidst the rich bottomland of the Valley, determined to raise their children along the free-flowing waters of the Bull and in the shadow of the mountains.

Four decades later, the Ross’s grown son set out to fulfill his father’s dream of forever safeguarding his family’s land from the creeping threat of development. Jamie’s commitment to preserving his father’s legacy compelled him to work tirelessly to see the farm protected.

In the fall of 2014, the easement was finalized at last. Now we can be assured that the spirit of this property’s first impassioned stewards will live on amidst the gurgling of the Bull and in the shadows of the Cabinets on the land they loved, forever.  KLT continues to assist local families such as the Ross’s to preserve their family legacies. Through your support, you are effecting change that lasts for generations.