Sherwood Forest

golden retriever on a path in the woods

The name Sherwood Forest elicits an air of whimsy, even a hopeful exuberance. There’s a modern day Sherwood Forest in Sandpoint that evokes similar feelings thanks to a local couple’s desire to protect and share their own whimsical place with fellow nature enthusiasts. Sherwood Forest, also known as the Syringa Trails, is 140 acres of natural forest with a myriad of trails accessible by the public and located about a mile from downtown Sandpoint. The area is not only a welcomed haven for recreationalists looking for a morning hike or lunchtime bike ride (it boasts over 10 miles of single track trails), but it has also been identified as important habitat for white-tail deer, moose, black bear and other critters.

Land owners Mark and Susie Kubiak wanted to ensure the protection of the property from development and encroachment of residential, commercial and industrial uses.  The protection of this property provides a tremendous benefit to the local community while contributing to the rich quality of life so many seek in the Sandpoint area. This project has been unique from the traditional work done by land trusts as it largely focuses on recreation and community access.