Wild Horse Trail

male and female wood ducks on a log

Stuck at home with the chicken pox at age five, Fred Forssell picked up a pair of binoculars and glanced out a window.  An explosion of orange and yellow met his gaze- a male western tanager in all his brilliant glory was foraging in the bushes nearby.  A second peek through the binoculars was greeted by the striking black mask and golden crest of a cedar waxwing.  Fred was hooked on birds.  For life.

Fast forward to 2008 when Fred encountered an opportunity to permanently protect the rich bird habitat on his private lands in Bonner County, ensuring that the wildlife who called it home, winged and otherwise, would always have a place.  Naturally, Fred said yes.

Now Fred spends early mornings with the birds in his backyard almost daily.  He also shares the joys of his lifelong passion by hosting bird walks on his permanently protected property where tanagers and waxwings flourish alongside 100+ other bird species.  This place will always be wetland and marsh, cedar grove and service berry. Conservation has brought Fred peace of mind by ensuring that his private refuge on the Pack River will always be safe, for him as well as for his feathered friends.