Kaniksu Adventure Race

By Dave Kretzschmar, KLT Education Director

The Kaniksu Adventure Race is a new outdoor experience at Pine Street Woods, with the goal of getting more adults and kids outside. We ask that this activity be done solo or with your family unit, please adhere to the social distancing guidelines in effect.
Those wishing to participate can go to the porch of the outdoor recreation center at PSW. There you will find instructions and a map showing 7 stations. Take a picture on your phone (or write out the instructions with paper and pencil) of the map and instructions. Participants will time themselves and either run, walk or bike the course.
At each station, you’ll find an adult question or kid question. There are notecards at the start for you to write your answers on, or you can write them on your phone as you go. When you return to the porch, stop your timer, note your elapsed time. There is a finish board by the front door. Here you can check you answers, adding 2 minutes for each incorrect answer, and posting your overall finishing time. The finish board has posting results for adults and kids in each category (running, walking or biking).
Items needed to participate:
Phone with camera OR pencil and paper
Timing device
The Adventure Race will be available for the next few months, so feel free to wait to explore for better weather.
The fastest times will be awarded prizes, so get out there and have an adventure!