It is Kaniksu Land Trust’s belief that healthy lands and healthy people are intrinsically linked, and that we must create and support programs designed to improve health in our community. Innovative programs like StoryWalk™, an activity for pre-K to fourth graders that links nature and literacy, and Outside7B, which encourages famlies to get outside,  extend KLT’s impact beyond traditional conservation. 

Community Access 

Kaniksu Land Trust owns three community access properties in north Idaho and northwest Montana. We invite our communities to get outside and enjoy these beautiful places. 

Pine Street Woods: When this 160 acre community forest opens to the public in the summer of 2019, it will offer multi-use trails for people of all ages and abilities, as well as spots to picnic and enjoy the beauty of Bonner County. 

The Manning Buffer: This property was donated to Kaniksu Land Trust as part of the Pine Street Woods project, and is home to a large portion of the popular "Greta's Segway" trail. Parking for this trail is located where Pine Street makes a sharp right turn after the crest of the hill. After crossing Ravenwood, look for the sign letting you know you're on KLT land! This trail does cross private lands, so please be respectful. 

Cabinet View Nature Area: Just across the Montana border, east of Clark Fork, Kaniksu Land Trust owns 75 acres of beautiful and diverse habitat. To reach the Cabinet View Nature area, turn right on Stephen Street in Clark Fork, and then left onto River Road. Follow River Road for roughly 8 miles, until it turns to gravel at the state line. Parking is located on the left side of the road. 

Kaniksu Land Trust also works with one generous landowner who allows community access on his private lands. Please be especially respectful when utilizing this property:

Sherwood Forest: This privately owned property offers several miles of multi-level mountain biking trails, as well as walking paths and secret art created by the owner.


ParkRx is a nationally implemented program that works with health care providers to prescribe time outside as a treatment for many chronic health problems. While there is limited ParkRx programming available in our area, KLT has completed pilot programs and is constantly working to help our community experience the mental and physical health benefits of time spent outside.

Currently, ParkRx for Bonner County, Idaho residents offers independent walking maps and outside programming. Contact Cami for more information at or CALL (208) 263-9471

Park and trail descriptions with links to maps (in order of difficulty)

Click here for level explanations and park locations


Outside 7B is KLT's programming branch of the ParkRx concept. Outside 7B's goal it to help youth and families explore outdoor recreation opportunities in our area, and discover the impact that time in nature can have on individuals and families. At its core, Outside7B is a movement working to get all residents of Bonner County to feel comfortable and excited to be out in nature. All of Outside7B’s programs are designed to not only get you outside to benefit your health, but are also fun and educational. Use #outside7b to show us how you’re joining the movement.

Outside7B began in the fall of 2016 to meet the demands of the youth portion of the Bonner County ParkRx project developed by Kaniksu Land Trust in partnership with the City of Sandpoint Parks and Recreation department.... Read more »