In north Idaho and northwest Montana, our communities are more than the places we work.

Check out some of KLT’s completed conservation projects below. To learn more about how to conserve your land through a conservation easement or land donation, click here

Places for All to Enjoy

Since its founding in 2002, Kaniksu Land Trust has faciliated 26 conservation projects, protecting over 3,600 acres of land in Bonner, Boundary and Sanders counties. These projects protect clean water and healthy forests, wildlife habitat, working farms and forests, and places for people to play outside. Visit the map below to explore where KLT works and some of the unique and beautiful landscapes we protect. Red dots represent our community access lands.

To learn more about conservation easements, and how they work, click here.

  • distant view of lake pend oreille with tall trees
    05 November 2018 by Cami, in Completed Projects
    Underwood Forest
    John and Gail Underwood were relative youngsters when they stumbled upon their d...
  • painted turtle with head in shell held in one hand
    05 November 2018 by Cami, in Completed Projects
    Twin Creek Conservation Lands
    A clear stream gurgling through cedar groves, upland forests for moose to wander...
  • four bull trout swimming in a river
    05 November 2018 by Cami, in Completed Projects
    Stein Forest (2)
    KLT’s Stein conservation easement protects 86 acres of free-flowing bull trout h...