Welcome to our Critter Corner where we strive to help you learn more about the animals that call north Idaho and northwest Montana home.

cow moose and calf in a pond with a duck

What is Critter Corner?

Critter Corner is an informational part of our program designed to help you learn and be informed about the wonderful critters in our neck of the woods. Each month we'll post about a mammal, bird, reptile or insect, so check back monthly for new species.

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    Ermine (or Stoat)

    The ermine, which is also known as a stoat or a short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea) is a member of the family which also includes badgers, otters, ferrets, wolverines and other carnivorous mammals.  This animal is referred to as an ermine during the winter when its fur is pure white with a black tipped tail, during...