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Pine Street Woods Draws National Award

SANDPOINT – For Katie Cox, Executive Director of Kaniksu Land Trust, any recognition for the success of the Pine Street Woods project belongs to the community that made it happen. That would include a prestigious national award. Cox was notified earlier this week that the Pine Street Woods Project had been selected in the Multiple-Use

KLT Seeks Re-Accreditation

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission is an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance that recognizes land conservation organizations that meet national standards of excellence. Kaniksu Land Trust is pleased to announce it is applying for renewal of accreditation, which it first achieved in 2016. A public comment period is now open, followed by an


Are you looking for ways to serve your community? KLT is excited to introduce “SOLO GoVo” a new initiative to provide individual volunteering opportunities for our community. For each project, we’ll create a video showing you exactly what equipment you’ll need and how to complete the project. You can view all of our projects on
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Birch Bark Weaving

By Dave Kretzschmar, KLT Education Director This week we will be exploring just one way you can use one of nature’s most wonderful materials, birch bark. The bark of the birch tree has been used for centuries to create variety of items. To further your learning and open your eyes to what is possible try searching for

Kaniksu Adventure Race

By Dave Kretzschmar, KLT Education Director The Kaniksu Adventure Race is a new outdoor experience at Pine Street Woods, with the goal of getting more adults and kids outside. We ask that this activity be done solo or with your family unit, please adhere to the social distancing guidelines in effect. Those wishing to participate

A message from KLT about COVID-19

During this difficult time, KLT has implemented policies to slow the spread of COVID-19, while also ensuring that we can continue to provide vital resources for our community. The KLT office is closed per the statewide stay-at-home order issued March 25, 2020. If you would like to speak with a member of our staff, please

Coal Burned Bowls

By Dave Kretzschmar, KLT Education Director Ever made your own bowl before?  It is so easy to reach in the cupboard and take down a store bought bowl for your soup or cereal.  Making your own coal burned bowl and eating from it reconnects us to our roots and ancient crafts.  Using fire to shape
By Dave Kretzschmar, KLT Education Director There is still snow on the ground, but all around me the signs of spring are slowly making themselves felt.  Water is changing from its solid state of ice and snow to drips off the eaves and little streams and rivulets are running everywhere.  Across the road, a grassy

Otters with Dr. Wayne Melquist

This event has been postponed – When we have set a new date, it will be posted here, as well as on Facebook. If you do have tickets, they will be held for this later date. Thank you for your understanding! Join KLT, Idaho Conservation League and American Heritage Wildlife Foundation for an educational presentation

Thorell Conservation Project

As January snows quietly blanket the tall pines and alder thickets of their Pack River home, Lenny and Carole Thorell take comfort in the knowledge that their special corner of the world will remain as it is for a very long time. The Thorells recently entered into a voluntary conservation partnership with Kaniksu Land Trust
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Ermine (or Stoat)

The ermine, which is also known as a stoat or a short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea) is a member of the family which also includes badgers, otters, ferrets, wolverines and other carnivorous mammals.  This animal is referred to as an ermine during the winter when its fur is pure white with a black tipped tail, during
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Winter Fun Days

Looking to get your kids outside over winter break? KLT will be hosting three Winter Fun Days January 2, 3, and 4, from 9:00 -3:00 pm. This is a program for children ages 8-13 We’ll be playing outside in the snow at Pine Street Woods, learning about winter animal activity, how to have fun in