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distant view of lake pend oreille with tall trees

Underwood Forest

John and Gail Underwood were relative youngsters when they stumbled upon their dream property near Hope in 1965: a forested acreage to tend together throughout their lives. Now that this land has been permanently protected by a conservation agreement, it will always serve as a working forest while providing homes to all manner of animals,
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painted turtle with head in shell held in one hand

Twin Creek Conservation Lands

A clear stream gurgling through cedar groves, upland forests for moose to wander, and open meadows where hay grows tall. KLT has now conserved an additional 100 acres of forest and field along Twin Creek in eastern Bonner County. This land will always be open for birds and wildlife to roam, and for you to
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four bull trout swimming in a river

Stein Forest (2)

KLT’s Stein conservation easement protects 86 acres of free-flowing bull trout habitat and healthy Montana forestlands in the heart of the scenic Bull River Valley. Projects which support bull trout habitat are how KLT began, and we are always proud to ensure that this threatened species has clean water in which to live. Because of
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view of snowy mountains and open meadow

Ross Conservation Project

The Ross family first discovered Montana’s rural Bull River Valley in 1972 during a cross county road-trip, a reprieve from their New York City lives. Upon encountering the solitude and beauty of the Bull, they pulled up stakes in NY, and never looked back. The young family carved out a life for themselves amidst the
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view of farmland with pond and roll of hay

Overland Farm

Virginia Overland has lived in Bonner County for more than 80 years, and her love of this land and the old Morton community, is something she thinks about almost every day.  Growing up on her family farm during the depression, she helped with milking cows and other farm chores, just as the other kids were
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view of lake pend oreille shoreline on a cloudy day

Lassen-King Family Lands

In the early days of the last century, a farsighted woman named Anna Lassen purchased acreage on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille at public auction. Now, four generations later, Anna’s great grandchildren have permanently protected their family’s heritage. Anna’s descendants recognized that open space is becoming increasingly rare, and that it offers value that
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golden retriever on a path in the woods

Sherwood Forest

The name Sherwood Forest elicits an air of whimsy, even a hopeful exuberance. There’s a modern day Sherwood Forest in Sandpoint that evokes similar feelings thanks to a local couple’s desire to protect and share their own whimsical place with fellow nature enthusiasts. Sherwood Forest, also known as the Syringa Trails, is 140 acres of
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view of perfectly still pond, with trees reflected

Cabinet View Nature Area

Something wonderful has happened near Clark Fork, Idaho. KLT has purchased 75 acres of wetlands and forest, home to moose, elk, songbirds, and squirrels. This land will provide an important home for wildlife, as well as for KLT’s blossoming education programs. It is a space for children to gather to learn about the wetlands and
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two older people, in front of a fence with snowy background

Hanson Ranch

Jay and Bev Hanson have spent most of their adult life in Thompson Falls, Montana.  They’ve seen lots of folks come and go.  This change they expected.  What they did not expect was the change to the landscape.  The best views, the best habitat, the best farmland has repeatedly been subdivided and built up.  While
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male and female wood ducks on a log

Wild Horse Trail

Stuck at home with the chicken pox at age five, Fred Forssell picked up a pair of binoculars and glanced out a window.  An explosion of orange and yellow met his gaze- a male western tanager in all his brilliant glory was foraging in the bushes nearby.  A second peek through the binoculars was greeted
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heard of cows in a meadow with trees in the background

Blasko Conservation Project

After tending the land alongside her late husband, Barney, for more than half a century, Lois Blasko permanently protected her 350-acre Pack River farm in 2017. A haven for elk, deer, moose and turkeys, the property protects 2 miles of Pack River frontage and is important habitat for migrating trout. Now it will also contribute
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logo for ponderay neighbor day, a hot air balloon

Join Us at Ponderay Neighbor Day!

 Come say hello as we support the City of Ponderay and Friends of the Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail at their Second Annual Ponderay Neighbor Day! There will be live music, games, craft and food vendors, free raffles prizes, a beer garden and much more! Check out the website here.  September 29, 1:00 – 6:00 PM
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