Katherine Maudrone, Member

Katherine Maudrone

Katherine was raised in Cincinnati, OH. Upon graduating from Ohio University, having earned a bachelor’s of science in Geography with an environmental emphasis and a minor in botany, she landed an internship with the USFS. She arrived at the Cabinet District in Trout Creek and spent the season working with the wildlife biologist and was hired as a fire lookout. Katherine was fortunate to spend the next 3 summers with the USFS working fire, timber and TSI, being able to ski and snow shoe during the winter.

Thirty years and three children later, Katherine is still in Trout Creek.  She was hired in 2003 by Sanders County, working briefly in the Treasurer’s Office and then the Land Service Department. In 2012 Katherine became the County Planner and joined the Kaniksu Land Trust.

Planning is challenging in Sanders County as there are currently no tools to guide development of private property. Conservation Easements are one option landowners have to preserve their property for future generations.

Katherine’s spare time is spent outdoors, backpacking, kayaking or cross country skiing, and in inclement weather, quilting.