Kyler Wolf, Past President

Kyler joined the Kaniksu Land Trust as a board member in the spring of 2007. Later that same year he was voted into the Board President position, which he served until December of 2011. He was again elected Board President in May of 2013. Kyler finished his term as president in 2018, but continues to share his extensive knowledge with the Board.

A wide range of previous work experience including business management, construction, real estate and land development has allowed him insights into many of the daily challenges of the land trust. Bringing this type of knowledge and experience has helped grow the organization out of its start-up phase into a strong, young land trust that is recognized and respected throughout the region.

Kyler’s passion for the area goes back to his early childhood when his parents first bought land in Bonner County. Spending summers here and vacationing throughout the year built a respect and understanding for the unique beauty that makes this region so special. Wanting to protect and preserve what he had come to love was the next step. Kyler already had a strong conservation ethos, and transitioning into an active role in the conservation efforts of KLT was a natural progression in growing the seeds that had been planted long ago in his youth.

Kyler and his wife, Joline, have lived in Sandpoint since 1995 and are raising their sons, Keenan and Lukas, to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the area, which the family has enjoyed for three generations.