Contributing to our Cause

Volunteer, donate, attend an event, or sign up for the newsletter

There are many ways to support Kaniksu Land Trust and the work we do to maintain healthy lands and healthy communities. While donations are always appreciated, we also need volunteers to help with projects throughout our community. To get involved in KLT’s work, check out the options below, Have Questions? Contact Us.

Donate Now!

Your donation to Kaniksu Land Trust will help support our work to protect valuable lands for future generations to farm, learn and play outside. These funds also provide free or low-cost educational programing, allow us to work with local schools to get children outside, and much more. 

Conservation and education happen constantly, so please consider making a monthly donation to support our work all year long.

If you have questions about donations, the work KLT does, or would like to speak with someone about making a legacy gift or a non-cash donation, please contact our staff at (208) 263-9471

A Community Awareness

There is growing recognition that the preservation of working ranches, farms and forest lands plays a key role in our local economy in addition to contributing to the rural character of the landscape. These sweeping meadows and woodlands are also important in our effort to conserve water quality and habitat, and provides unique places for our community to play and relax in nature.

Together we can build a lasting legacy for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, farmers and children.

While donations are always appreciated, there are many ways to support Kaniksu Land Trust, click on of the links below to learn about other giving options. 

What Can YOU Do?

Supporting KLT doesn’t require much! Here are some simple ways to help:

Pick up trash on trails you already walk
Scoop dog poop at your favorite park
Advocate for KLT’s work to your friends and family
Encourage your business to support KLT
Share a testimonial about your love of trails and conservation with us, we want to hear it!
Smile on the trails, spread kindness!

Make a donation to Kaniksu Land Trust!

Use #outside7b, #pinestreetwoods and #klt in social media posts to share the message and show up on our website.